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City: Pomorie
Address: 3, Yavorov Str.
Title: Interhotel Pomorie
Property Type: Hotels
Price per night for: Double Room
Price: 40.00 BGN
Property Features  
Property Features: Swimming Pool, Central Air, Elevator, Conerence hall, BAR, Car Parking, SPA, Phone, TV, Restaurant
Additional information  
Apartment with 1 bedroom (number): 10
Double rooms (numbers): 235
Additional information: Hotel Pomorie is picturesquely situated above the sea, the 3-star Pomorie hotel complex bears the name of one of the oldest towns on the Black sea coast, which was founded in the 4th century BC with the ancient name of Anchialo. Pomorie is a peaceful small coastal town chiefly noted for its vine-growing, mud baths, salt production and hospitality.
The hotel Pomorie occupies an unusual location - literally jutting out from the shore to the sea! If you are looking for a peaceful relaxing holiday then the hotel Pomorie is your best choice, since it offers tranquility (all rooms with a sea view) and a variety of health spa treatments. The treatments have proven to be successful in easing many health complaints and ailments. For example disorders of the peripheral nervous system, disturbances of the locomotory system, sciatica, arthitis, arthrosis, rheumatism, skin diseases and recovery periods followingr traumas and fractures. The treatments are modern and supervised by qualified medical staff.

The health centre, which includes a heated sea water swimming pool ( 25m./13m.) with access to outside sun beds, also has an outdoor swimming pool, sauna and solarium.
The health centre also offers the following:

Mud application and bath
Physiotherapy- dry, underwater and vibro massages
Talassotherapy , pressuretherapy
Inhalations and herbal bath, aromatherapy with sea brine from Pomorie salt lake, in combination with Bulgarian herbs.

The hotel has souvenir shop, exchange desk, beauty saloon and tourist office where trips around the country are organizing to acquaint you with ancient monuments, old museum towns, modern seaside resorts and a visit to a Bulgarian villages. The hotel complex includes restaurants, cocktail bar and disco.
Contact information  
First Name: Interhotel Pomorie
Phone: 00359 (0)596 22440
Phone: 00359 (0)596 22450
Website URL:
You can find our TOP offer on our website -                                                                                                                   

Цени в Хотелски комплекс *Поморие* гр.Поморие

                                НОЩУВКИ С ДДС В BG ЛЕВА  - СЕЗОН - 2012г. Хотелът ще работи от 28.04.2012        





Двойна стая стандарт
Двойна стая с морски изглед 
Единична стая с морски изглед
Двойна стая с морски изглед
Единична стая с морски изглед
28.04 - 10.06.2012
40.00 лв.
46.00 лв.
52.00 лв.
60.00 лв.
 11.06. - 05.07.2012
60.00 лв. 68.00 68.00
 06.07. - 26.08.2012
76.00 лв  88.00 88.00
 27.08 - 09.09.2012
 60.00 лв 68.00 68.00
 10.09 - 20.10.2012 40.00 46.00 52.00 54.00 60.00
 от 28.04 - 20.10.2012
                           не се предлага
                     100.00 лв.
Възрастен и деца над 12г. на допълнително сгъваемо легло    
от 28.04 - 20.10.2012
  20% намаление от леглото в двойна стая/до 1 доплълнително сгъваемо легло/      
 20% намаление от леглото в двойна стая/до 2 доплнителни сгъваеми легла/
Редовно легло за деца  до 12г. от 28.04 - 20.10.2012
                              16.00 лв.
                  20.00 лв.
Допълнит.легло -деца  до 12г. 
от 28.04 - 20.10.2012
                              10.00 лв.
    12.00 лв.
второ дете до 12г. - 6.00лв.
!!!!  НАМАЛЕНИЯ ЗА РЕЗЕРВАЦИИ  ЗАПЛАТЕНИ ДО  30.03.12вкл.   - 20%  считано от 20.03.12
!!!  НАМАЛЕНИЕ ЗА РЕЗЕРВАЦИИ ЗАПЛАТЕНИ ДО 20.04.12 вкл.   - 10 %  считано от 20.03.12
!!! НАМАЛЕНИЕ ЗА РЕЗЕРВАЦИИ ЗАПЛАТЕНИ ДО 11.05.12 вкл. - 10 % считано от 21.04.12
 В цените са включени:  нощувка, закуска на блок  маса,ползване на басейни с морска вода/открит и закрит/, шезлонги и чадъри край басейните и тур.такса.
        * деца до 2 г.- БЕЗПЛАТНО
   *   Доплащане за вечеря на блок маса – 14.00 лева / дете до 12 г –   7.00 лв
  *  Обяд  на  меню между 11.30 и 15.00ч.  за гости на хотела- 20% намаление 
   * Доплащане за ALL INCLUSIVE-25.00лв. на ден. Децата до12г заплащат -50%
* Стаите се ползват  до 12.00ч. Настаняване на новите гости след  13.00ч.   
   *  Допълнителните легла  са тип сгъваеми.  
Hotel Pomorie(Hotel Pomorie) Hotel Pomorie(Hotel Pomorie)
Registration Date: Nov 05, 2006
First Name: Hotel Pomorie(Hotel Pomorie)
Last Name: Hotel Pomorie(Hotel Pomorie)
Phone: 359 596 22440, 359 596 22450
City: Поморие(Pomorie)
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We were unable to find the requested address (Pomorie, 3, Yavorov Str.) via Google street view due to Google street view doesn't have data for this address.
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