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The village of Vonesta Voda (500 m) is situated at the foot of the Balkan range. The road through The Pass of the Republic, which connects Veliko Tarnovo and Nova Zagora, passes near the village. It has 200 inhabitants and is 30 km away from Veliko Tarnovo and 20 km from Tryavna. Vonesta Voda is the birth place of the revolutionary Philip Totju. Besides the picturesque nature, the village is famous for its thermal springs, which offer excellent conditions for medical tourism and balneotherapy. Spring’s water is notable for its strong smell of sulphuretted hydrogen that has given the resort`s name. The mineral water is used for medical treatment by drinking and balneological baths of the following diseases: metabolism disorders, skin diseases, and diseases of the respiratory organs. In the resort there are many holiday houses and hotels, the most of them dispose of indoor or outdoor pools. In the vicinity tourists can rent a lot of private holiday houses.
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