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The town of Varshets is situated at the northern foothills of the Western part of Stara planina, 380 meters above the sea level, in the valley of Botunia River. It is situated 92 km north of Sofia and 30 south the district centre Montana. The geological and geographical location of Varshets defines it as a climatic resort, containing inexhaustible depot of hot mineral water. It is one of the oldest and most popular resorts in Northern Bulgaria famous for its curative mineral springs, beautiful scenery, a large well-kept park, and mild mountainous climate. The mineral water of Varshez contains number of trace elements such as iron, lithium, barium, aluminum, strontium, phosphates, manganese, arsenic, etc. It is suitable for external use, as well as for inhalations, irrigation and drinking. It applies for treatment of: * Functional diseases of the central nervous system * Cardiovascular diseases * Endocrine and metabolic diseases * Diseases of the digestive tract * Gall-bladder and liver diseases * Diseases of the peripheral nervous system It is also suitable for prophylaxis, body strengthening, physical and psychical fatigue and etc.
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