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The village of Trigrad is situated in the Western Rhodope Mountains not far from the border between Bulgaria and Greece. It is lies 26 km south of the town of Devin , and 40 km west of the town of Smolyan. The numerous remains found in cave dwellings from the Copper-stone Age, as well as from the Thracian period show the old origin of the village. The village is believed to be composed of 3 smaller settlements and that’s why is called Trigrad (three settlements). The Muslim and Christian culture and traditions have become interwoven in the village. Here in Trigrad you can see a Christian church and a Muslim mosque built side by side. Located at the foot of solid rocks, the village of Trigrad is a starting point for numerous eco paths and tourist routes in the region. It is a stop of the following routes: Lednitzata chalet – village of Mugla - Chairski Lakes - village of Trigrad, and village of Trigrad – village of Yagodina - Yagodinska cave (Buinovsko Gorge). The village offers also many attractions for tourists, such as caving, horse riding and other possibilities. In the numerous private lodgings and family hotels in Trigrad you will find hospitality, warmth and coziness. In the region of Trigrad over 200 cave dwellings are found. The abyss cave called Dyavolsko Gurlo (The Devil’s Throat, one of the phenomena of the Trigrad Gorge, is only 1.3 km north of the village. The Yagodinska cave is another unique landmark. It is the longest cave in the Rhodope Mountains, situated 8 km from the village. The picturesque place of Chairite is 19 km to the east. Seven natural landslide lakes, which are here since the Quaternary period, add to the specific charm of the nature in this part of the Rhodopes.
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