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The town of Teteven is situated in the region of Balkan - Stara planina. It is 118km from Sofia, and 60km from Troyan. Monuments discovered accidentally prove that this area has been populated since most ancient times. The proof about it are the finds in the caves Morovitsa, Baiovitsa,Draganchovitsa. The numerous funeral mounds date back to the Thracian's time. The numismatic finds prove that here used to be a Roman settlement as well. Traces from Roman roads, bridges and watch-towers can be found. The oldest information about the settlements in writing is from Turkish register of 1421. The name mentioned there was Tetevian. In the time period of the Ottoman Rule, the town developed as a prospering handicraft settlement. It was called "Golden Teteven".But in 1801 it was completely devastated. Although the settlement rehabilitated with the elapse of years, it never reached its previous heyday and welfare.
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