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Svoge municipality covers an area of 866 sq. km in west Bulgaria. It is situated around the defile of Iskar river, about 40 km from the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia. It has a common border with Sofia municipality and the municipalities of Kostinbrod, Godech, Botevgrad, Varshetz, Vratza and Mezdra. The railroad Sofia-Mezdra as well as some busy automobile thoroughfares, that are a part of the country road network, pass through the territory of the municipality. The mountain massive in the region has Karst characteristics. There are two big Karst springs on the territory of the municipality - over the village of Iskretz and the other one near Lakatnik rocks. The geological structures of the region are rich of rock materials from the Trias, Carbonic, Ordovician and Jurassic period. They are mainly limestone, dolomite, sandstone, quartz and much more. The Ponor plateau is "perforated" with numerous caves and precipices, some of which are rich of stalactites and stalagmites. The region is rich of limestone that set the pattern for production of lime and establishment of lime-pits. There were lime-pits along the banks of Iskar - from the village of Vlado Trihkov to the village of Cherepish, but its best production is organized in the area of Iskretz village, near the cave where Iskretzka river takes its source from. There are mines for lead-ore, zinc and granite. The defile of the river of Iskar is one of the natural sights in the region. Another interesting sight is the peak of Grohoten - 1045 m altitude. The region is a traditional place for climbing, hunting, extreme and cave tourism. There are famose mountain hostels like "Trastenaya" and "Prpboynitza" as well as he forest house "Skaklya" and the hunting house "Tarsava". Here is the "path of Vazov", that has the name of the collossus of the Bulgarian literature - Ivan Vazov who had created a part of his works here. The most visited caves are "Temnata doupka" near the village of Lakatnik and "Elata" near the village of Bov.
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