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Shkorpilovtsi - area and nature Village Shkorpilovtsi stays at about 40 km south from Varna. The coastline is with lenght of 13 km and breadth up to 100 m. The clean beach binds with the outfall of Kamchiya and on the south site with resorts, which belong to Biala and Obzor. This is a unbelievably peaceful and charming place - perfect for family outings, especialy for families with small children, fishermen, adventurers and nature-lovers Next tothe village you can find: a forest reserve with rare plant and animal species, called Longoza; From South and North the area is surrounded by the two streams of river Shkorpilovska before she mouths into the Black sea Here is the "Cherni nos" (Black cape) – the most northern point of the Balkan Mountain touching the Black sea
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