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The village is located 20 km west of Troyan. It is famous for its mineral spas, which date back to the Bulgarian Revival (18 c.). The mineral spring at Shipkovo resort centre, which is 2 km away from the village (water temperature 32’C, 4-10 l/s) offers excellent conditions for mineral water therapy. Its water is good for treating kidney, liver and gastric diseases, hypertonie, and diseases of the nervous system. The health resort has rest houses, swimming pools, private houses and hotels. The natural beauty of the area, the fresh mountain air, mild winters and cool summers are a guarantee for complete recreation and climatic treatment. SURROUNDING AREAS The Vassiliovska planina mountain is an extremely attractive tourist site. The European pedestrian footpath E-3 (hut Vejen, peak Vejen, hut Eho, peak Ushite, hut Kozya stena, Troyan pass, shelter Orlovo gnezdo, hut Dermenka) also known as the Kom – Emine road passes along the central ridge of Stara planina mountain. The trails to the huts in the region are well marked. Hut Vassiliov is located in the Vassiliovska planina mountain, at 1400 m above sea level and disposes of 36 beds. It is just 2.30 hours away from the resort village of Shipkovo. The hut is a suitable starting point for mountain peak Vassiliov – 1491 m above sea level and for the huts Koman, Kozya stena, Eho. Biosphere reserve “Steneto” included in the “Man and biosphere” program of UNESCO and the “Kozya stena” reserve – created to protect the edelweiss, are located near to the village of Shipkovo.
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