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The town of Shabla is situated 80 km north of Varna, 20 km away from Kavarna, 18 km from Durankulak and 5 km from the Shabla cape at the Black sea. It arose as an ancient Thracian settlement during VI - V century BC. In Roman times the town was a sea port. The ancient Roman fortress, called Karya, evidences that it had a strategic position because it was located on the way, connecting Kavarna to Mangalia. The city also flourished during the early Byzantian domination. Today, Shabla is an agricultural centre thanks to its fertile ground and plenty of water from the Shabla lake. The climate is favourable for growing of grain and industrial crops. The oldest light house at the Black Sea coast is located in a small fishermen`s village very close to the Shabla cape. In the House of Culture tourists can see the finds from the excavations around the old Byzantine fortress, dating back to 4th century. Shabla and Durankulak lakes are the most visited, the salted Shabla lake is well- known with its medicinal effect and rare bird species. An area, called "Jaylata", where a prehistoric cave - dwellings and an ancient Thracian necropolis have been discovered, is located near to the town.
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