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Rezovo (Bulgarian: Резово) is a village and seaside resort in southeastern Bulgaria, part of Tsarevo municipality, Burgas Province, in the coastal Strandzha geographical region. Lying at the mouth of the Rezovo River in the Black Sea, Rezovo is the southernmost point of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and the southeastern-most inhabited place in Bulgaria and the European Union mainland.[1] The village is located 11 kilometres south of Sinemorets, 17 km from Ahtopol and 36 km from Lozenets. As the Rezovo River constitutes the border between Bulgaria and the European part of Turkey, Rezovo directly overlooks the Turkish bank of the river and the Turkish village of Beğendik, in Demirköy district, Kırklareli Province. Researchers have attempted to link the village's name to that of Rhesus of Thrace, a Thracian king of the Iliad, and although the existence of an ancient settlement at the place of the modern village has been proven (with the oldest artifacts dating to the 4th century BC), it is hard to establish any connection with Rhesus' personality. In ancient times, the area was subject to large-scale metallurgical activity, with the largest ancient deposit of slag in Bulgaria. It is believed that the medieval fortress of Castrition lay on Cape Kastrich north of modern Rezovo.
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