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The town of Peshtera stands at 450 m altitude and lies between the Upper Thracian lowland and the Rhodope Mountains. It has population of about 21000 people. Peshtera is situated 125 km to the southeast of Sofia, 40 km to the southwest of Plovdiv, 20 km south of Pazardjik and 15 km north of Batak. The discovered remains of Thracian fortresses, bridges, cobblestone paths prove that it arose as a settlement in IV century BC. Crafts and building flourished in the Revival period. The most impressive architecture examples from that time are the churches "St. Petka" (1710), "St. Dimitar" (1825); "St. Virgin Mary" (1864), the first Monastery school, the "Hope" community center, the clock tower which was erected between 1650 and 1710, etc. In Peshtera there are 40 architecture sites, declared architecture monuments with local significance and one Municipal Historical Museum with a museum gathering statute. The "Batak" artificial lake and the "St. Konstantin" summer resort are at a distance of 15 km from the town. In summer they offer excellent conditions for sunbathing and fishing, and in winter- for skiing. Not far away from Peshtera is located the "Snezhanka" cave. Remains, showing the life of a Thracian tribe called Besi and dating back to the Bronze Age, have been discovered there.
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