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In the folds of the Central Sredna Gora mountain range, in the luscious valley of the bubbling southbound Louda Yana river, at 523 m altitude, 90 km east of Sofia and 42 km north of Pazardjik, lies town of Panagyurishte. The town was founded in XII-XIV century, but many archeoligical monuments give evidence of Thraсian tribes, who lived on these places yet during the ancient times. The world famous Panagyurishte Gold Treasure dates back to the time of Hellenic Age IV - III century B.C. Panagyurishte was fortunate to play a key role in one of the brightest and most poignant moments of Bulgarian history: the April 1876 Uprising, which culminated the Bulgarians' struggle for national liberation after five centuris of Ottoman oppression. 8 km west of Panagyurishte is situated the place "Oborishte", where on April 13, 1876 sit The First Bulgarian Grand National Assembly. Among the numerous museums and historical monuments, guests of Panagyurishte are able to touch the magic of Ages past and gone.
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