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Nova Zagora (Bulgarian: Нова Загора) is a town with a population of approximately 26,000 people in the city, and approximately 48,000 in the entire municipality (which includes 33 surrounding villages). It is located in the southeastern plains of Bulgariaл Nova Zagora is located on the main Plovdiv-Burgas railroad, as well as the Trakia Highway that runs from Sofia to Burgas. It is 35 km east of Stara Zagora and 30 km west of Sliven. The Nova Zagora Municipality is part of the Sliven administrative district. The first traces of life in the region date back thousands of years. Many archeological sites are located in the region, showing settlements dating back to the Stone Age and the Stone-Copper age (Eneolithic). The most prominent archeological site is in the nearby village of Karanovo. Nova Zagora is located in the so-called Thracian Plain, named for the Thracian culture that thrived in the region for centuries. The Nova Zagora Historical Museum has many historically significant artifacts dating back to this era. The region is very fertile, growing a wide range of produce including grapes, sunflowers and cereals.
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