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The village of Narechenski bani (population 1210 inhabitants) is set amid magnificent pine forest on the lovely Chepelarska River in the Rhodopes Mountains. It is situated at an altitude of 620-660 m. The village is located 42 km southwest of Plovdiv, and 23 km of Assenovgrad. Narechenski bani village is a spa resort rich in mineral springs. The climate is mild and mountainous. Thanks to the fresh mountain breezes the summer is not excessively hot and the weather is particularly fine. The winter is mild with many clear days. The autumn is warm and sunny. The average air temperature is about 10oC, and the average July temperature is about 19 – 20oC. The combination of favourable climate, mineral waters and beautiful scenery is a reason for many people to go on holiday to the spa resort and to combine their treatment and rest. THE MINERAL WATERS The temperature of the hypothermic mineral waters of Narechen is 25 – 31oC. They contain radon, sulphates and hydrocarbonates of sodium and calcium, silicon and small amounts of fluorine, and have a weak alkaline reaction. The mineral waters contain also a number of trace elements such as lithium, barium, zinc, manganese and titanium, which are essential for the body regulatory processes. The influence of the mineral waters is especially favourable for: Prophylactics of functional Disturbances of the nervous system Diseases of the cardiovascular system Body metabolic processes Urological diseases. Specialists have proved the effective influence of the Narechen mineral waters on stomach, intestine, bilious, pulmonary, and kidney. The village of Narechenski bani is mountainous spa resort and affords combination of balneo treatment with climate-therapy. The mild climate and the extremely clean and rich in negative iron ions air have a beneficial effect on the mucous lining of the respiratory tract and on the nervous system.