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Medven is a very good choice for a mountain vacation.
The picturesque village is located at Medven Stara Planina. It is located about 40 km northeast of Sliven and 12 km southeast of Kotel. Most of the Medven houses monuments. Explore other lodgings in Medven suitable for mountain tourism and holidays in resort planina.Selo Medven is the birthplace of the famous writer and revolutionary Zahari Stoyanov. The village has settled museum "Zahari Stoyanov". From start Medven picturesque eco trails around the mountain. Medvenska River is known for fabulous waterfalls "Blue Pool" and "Jumping". In the Medven a mountain caves - "Lednitsata" and "Tsarevets". The settlement - Zheravna is 15 km. Make reservations for hotel accommodation in Medven or in a house or villa in the region.