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The town of Malko Tarnovo is located 76 km south of Bourgas, 56 km southwest of Tzarevo, 470 km southeast of Sofia and 7 km away from the Bulgarian-Turkish border. The town has 3 527 inhabitants and is the only one on the territory of the Strandja Mountain. Malko Tarnovo is situated in the center of a hollow, between the Aidere (bear's) and the Rezovska (Tzar's) Rivers. The name of the Rezovska River derives from the name of the Thracian Tzar and priest – Rezos. In the past the hollow has been overgrown with century-old oak-tree forests. In the vicinity of the town you will discover attractive places for recreation amidst nature – well-preserved forest lands with numerous springs, chapels and century-old trees. Positioned on the Hill (Mogilata), which is located almost in the center of the hollow, the Tourist Information Center reveals beautiful picturesque panoramic view towards a number of interesting places, each of which concealing a historical monument, a natural landmark or a legend… The town itself lies in the embrace of the Hill. It spreads amphitheatrically on the slopes of the mountain, which descend in the direction of the river that flows through the heart of the settlement. There are many springs around here: Konskite vrisove springs – it is believed that they are abysmal and the one who dares to muddle them will disappear without a trace in their depths; Tzarnogorovo – springs and a small "Holy Mother of God" chapel; Saint Marina – a holy spring; Tagarovo – springs, Thracian tumuli and two caves, also believed to be abysmal; Sabotinovo – the place where according to the legend Valchan Chieftain used to organize week-long gatherings with other chieftains. There they would eat seven roasted cows and drink seven butts of red wine. Golyamoto gradishte is a peak with ruins of a Thracian fortress. It reveals magnificent panoramic view in all directions. In clear weather one can even see the Black Sea from this position.