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The town of Lom (27 897 inhabitants, 50 metres above sea level) is situated on the right bank (the Bulgarian one) of the Danube River, at its estuary with the Lom river. It is 162 km north of Sofia, 56 km southeast of Vidin, 49 km north of Montana and 42 km west of Kozlodoui. It is the second most important port on the Danube after Rousse. History: It was founded by the Thracians under the name of Artanes. After them the Romans called the fortress and the town Almus, from where the name of the today’s town and of the Lom River comes. There are no reports proving that there existed a big settlement in the Middle Ages. It was not until Turkish rule when it enlarged but for a long time it was under the shadow of the dominant towns of Vidin, Nikopol and Silistra. It is assumed that the Turkish village was founded in 1695 by Kara Mustafa and Murad Bei who were defeated at Vienna in 1683 and who came here sailing rafts along the Danube River.
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