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Letnitsa Municipality is located in the northernmost and flat part of Lovetch District. The conditional boundary that separates the Danubian Plain from the Northern Balkan Range passes through its territory. The biggest regional tourist attraction site, which has been declared a natural site, is the Marata Forest Park. It includes: The Kroushoun Karst Waterfall, which is approximately 15 m high; the biggest water limestone cascade in the country; the second-biggest water cave and a number of other caves. A mineral spring with 15,5 l/sec debit was discovered very close to the Forest Park. The water temperature is 58°C. The town of Letnitsa, which is the municipal center, is a Medieval Bulgarian village dating back from 4th c. B.C. The Letnitsa Silver Thracian Treasure was found in this region in 1963. It was discovered unexpectedly 50-60 cm deep in the ground. In a bronze vessel turned with the mouth down were found a number of small silver objects with gold-plated parts of horse ammunition from 4th c. B.C. Among the findings there is also a well-preserved harness. The illustrations cycle of mythological stories upon the plates is also interesting. The Letnitsa Treasure is displayed in the National Archeological Museum in Sofia.
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