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Not far from the sea resort Albena, 24 km northeast of Varna and 42 km southeast of Dobrich is located the village of Kranevo, with a population of 746. There is regular bus transport from Balchik, Varna and Dobrich. The Kranevo river flows around the village, and north of it, in the valley of the Batovska river, there is a dense forest. The land is fertile and there are favourable conditions for vegetable growing and vine growing. Due to its location close to the sea, the village is a resort, more popular with the students’ bases in the village. The beach strip has fine sands and gently slopes into the sea. The combination of spring mineral water, fresh air and magnificent beach makes the resort an attractive place for a quiet vacation. At disposal of the guests are numerous private rooms, small hotels, cozy cafes, nigth clubs, fast food restaurants, disco clubs and the prices are more than reasonable. Only 2 km away from the village is located the Albena resort and tourists can reach it afoot. To the south of the village, there are remains of a Roman fortress and military strongholds for the protection of the east border of the First Bulgarian State.
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