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Karlovo region is in the north part of the Plovdiv District covering an area of 1090 sq. km., occupying 1% of the country territory. It borders on the north with the Lovech District, on the east with the Municipality of Pavel Banya, on the south with the Municipalities of Brezovo, Hissar and Kaloyanovo. The population of the Karlovo Region is 75 thousand people, which positions it among the 20 biggest ones in Bulgaria. It consists of 5 towns – Karlovo, Sopot, Klissura, Kalofer and Banya, 24 villages and one residential quarter. With a population of 30 thousand people, Karlovo is the Municipality centre, located 56 km. away from Plovdiv, the District centre, and 147 km to the east of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The climate is favourable for developing agriculture - especially growing oil-bearing roses, vine-growing, fruit-growing, forestry, recreational and health tourism – both interior and international. Among the treasures of the region are its mineral springs in Banya, Klissura, Kliment and Soletovo. The spring in Banya is well-exploited and offers excellent conditions for balneotherapy, recreation and greenhouse production. The climate in the Karlovo Valley (Rose Valley) is trans-continental, which in comparison with the other sub-Balkan valleys is the mildest and the warmest one. The average annual temperature is 11.4 °С. Old Mountains (Stara Planina), rising to an altitude of 1700 m. over the average field level, keeps the valley from the cold north winds, whereas its steep slopes in the south and the widely opened Stryamska Valley control the air and prevent the region from temperature inversions. Therefore, the heated air in summer doesn’t settle permanently. In comparison with the other valleys, winter in the Karlovo field is considerably warmer, snowfalls are fewer in number and snow stays permanently only in extremely cold winters. The average annual rainfall, 633 mm., is greater than the average one for the country, which provides enough soil moisture throughout all seasons. Thunder-storms and hails are frequent phenomenon in summer although they appear mainly in the mountainous periphery of the valley. Fogs are rare, not very dense and non-permanent. Although the Valley is surrounded by the Old Mountains (Stara Planina) and Sredna Gora, the cloudy days are only few. The Karlovo valley is characterized with a rich diversity of plant species. The slopes of the Old Mountains and Sredna Gora are covered with high-stem forests where the most wide-spread is beech-tree although fir-tree, spruce, birch, maple and lime-tree are also quite often met at places. The ridge of the Old Mountains is covered with exuberant grassy vegetation, which forms vast alpine pastures. In the Karlovo Valley are grown grain crops , corn, beans, lentils and potatoes, some valuable industrial crops like sunflower, sugar beet and a number of oil-bearing, fragrant plants: oil-bearing rose, lavender and peppermint. Moreover, there are excellent conditions for growing vine and different kinds of fruit-trees among which almond, chestnut, fig etc. Forests occupy a considerable part of the region territory and create excellent conditions for developing forestry and international hunting tourism. A wide variety of flora and fauna is concentrated in the Central Balkan National Park and its unique forest reserves - Old River (Stara Reka) and Djendema. Main road E-78 and sub-Balkan railway line to Burgas with diversion to Plovdiv pass through the territory of the Municipality.
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