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Kaloianovo Municipality is situated in the northern part of the Upper Thracian Valley. It borders the municipalities of Brezovo, Karlovo, Maritsa, Rakovski, Saedinenie and Hissarya. The location of the Municipality is of significant transport and geographic importance. Its territory is crossed by the main roads connecting Northern and Southern Bulgaria. Six of the population centers are on the railway line Plovdiv - Karlovo, and another three are crossed by the railway line Plovdiv - Hissarya. Kaloianovo village is at a distance of 24 km from the District Center Plovdiv and 16 km from Trakia highway. The relief is mainly flat and a bit undulated. The average altitude above sea level is 250 m. The climate is transitional continental. The Stryama River and the Tikla River flow through the territory of the Municipality. The manmade water reservoirs are 21 and are used for fish farming and irrigation. Four mineral water drill-holes have been developed in Pesnopoy village and water catchments have been made on them. The water is of temperature up to 43°С and is slightly mineralized. Natural sights and monuments of culture Koukova Mogila ritual complex near Douvanliy village; numerous mounds and necropolises; Tsar necropolises with unique tombs of 5 c. B.C., rich sets of silver and bronze vessels. The finds show that a whole Thracian town used to exist near Kaloianovo village. Typical for the Municipality is the variety of religions. The oldest churches date back to the middle of the 19 c. Alongside with orthodox temples there are also numerous catholic churches. Environmental protection and tourism Development of balneology treatment and tourism in Pesnopoy village; Conditions for hunting tourism in the villages of Razhevo, Razhevo Konare, Otets Paisievo, Pesnopoy, and Ivan Vazovo. Exploration is being carried out for construction of a golf course in Begovo village. The closeness of the cultural historical monuments in Plovdiv, Hissarya, Starossel and Karlovo is another prerequisite for the Municipality to become a tourist destination.
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