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The town of Dryanovo is situated in the northern spurs of the middle Balkan range, in the valley of Dryanovo river which is a Yantra feeder. The population amounts to 9700 residents. The town is located 25 km away from Veliko Tarnovo, 20 km away from Gabrovo and 18 km from Tryavna. Dryanovo is a part of a first- class highway named Ruse- Stara Zagora and a railway station connecting North and South Bulgaria. At present the town increasingly strengthen its position as a tourist destination. Climate is healthy, and an echo-friendly road at about 270 m to 510 m altitude is located along the Monastery of Dryanovo, only at a distance of 4 km from Dryanovo. Near to the echo- friendly road is the entrance of a cave named Bacho Kiro where are the oldest traces of human presence in the whole Balkan Peninsula. In the surroundings of the town some relics of ancient Thracian and Roman villages, fortresses, columns with epigraphs have been discovered. Among the tourist attractions are: the museum named Kolyu Ficheto, the Lavchiev`s house, the Ikonomov`s house, the church St. Nicholay, the bridge across the Dryanovo River built by Kolyu Ficheto, the churches are St. Bogoroditsa (Virgin Mary) and St. Troitsa (Holy Trinity) built in 19th century. Near by : Etura, Bojentsi, Tryavna, Veliko Tarnovo, Sokolski Monastery, Dryanovo Monastery, Bacho Kiro Cave, Shipka