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Dobrinishte is a spa resort in southwestern Balgariya.Edno the most - valuable resources of the city are hot mineral springs. The springs are in Dobrinishte temperature is 42 degrees. Skiing track is very long (about 6 km) and if enough snow has fallen has directly perfektna.Denivelatsiyata - 820 m to the middle station of the gondola is ideal for beginners. During the rest is a paradise for snowboarders. In the first lift station has lift children 'plates' and children run for beginners skiori.Vseki who once visited the legendary Pirin folds, with undisguised excitement will remember belomramorniya throne slvyanskiya Thunderer god Perun. To feel again the beauty of this wondrous mountain, let it go through the beautiful and enchanting places of Dobrinishte. Dobrnishte is a natural starting point of many hiking routes in Pirin. Dobrinishte is a very good choice for a mountain vacation. Explore other rooms and family hotels in Dobrinishte suitable for mountain tourism and resort vacations in the mountains. Make reservations for hotel accommodation in Dobrinishte or guest house and a villa in the region. From start Dobrinishte green scenic trails in the mountains. Ideal ski slopes in Dobrinishte offer ski conditions in Rodopite.Izkachite Does the nearby hill "St. George", you will see the neat houses of the city. East meadow is one of a swimming complex with large swimming pool with mineral water and two others - small swimming pool for children and sports.