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Situated in the deepest and most virgin chest of the Northwestern Balkan, the little town of Chiprovtzi lives in its unique athmosphere. It's a little, palm-size town, with white houses, perched along the sides of Stara Reka (Old River) and Martinovska Ogosta. The town has an eastern exposition and is situated in a small valley in the western part of Stara Planina. The terrain and local climate form the basic agricultural activities. A priority is given to animal breedery, which is also one of the basic sources of income for the inhabitants of the region. It is mainly embodied in sheepery - a major way of earning raw materials (milk, meat, wool). That's why the basic products of farming serve as food for the animals (corn, etc..) Today it is a quiet and pleasant town with magnificent nature. 5 km to the northeast is the Monastery of Chiprovtsi, burnt and rebuilt six times during the Turkish yoke. At 20 km distant from the town is the Lopushka Monastery with unique icons painted by iconographers from Samokov.
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