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The village of Brashlyan is located in the northeastern part of the Strandja Mountain, at 240 m above sea level. It is situated just 11 km northwest of the town of Malko Tarnovo and 64 km away from the city of Bourgas. Because of its scores of houses and ensembles, typical representatives of the Strandjan 18th and 19th-century architecture, the village of Brashlyan has been declared an architectural reserve. Nine of these houses are architectural monuments of culture of national significance, 22 of them form beautiful ensembles and the rest of them are of local importance mostly. The holiday of Brashlyan is celebrated on 9 August – the day of Saint Panteley. The village of Brashlyan offers easy access to: the village of Stoilovo (9 km), the Dokuzak waterfall near Stoilovo. It is also a convenient starting point for many short trips to the places: Dvata vrisa, Kovach, Stoyanova chuka, Saint Panteleymon and Boriloto. The Thracian dolmens and tumuli, as well as the ruins of an ancient settlement, discovered in the vicinity of the village, are sites of interest worth seeing. They correspond to the legend about the establishment of the settlement. The present village dates back from the end of the 17th and the beginning of the 18th century. That was when the inhabitants of the three hamlet settlements – Yurtet, Selishte and Jivak, moved down and settled in the area of the oldest part of the village – the Dolna mahala neighborhood. In the years of Turkish Yoke Brashlyan has had a heroic historical past. The famous "Sarmashik affair" took place here. The event is remembered in history as the time of the first casualties of the Preobrajensko Uprising. Pano Angelov, Chieftain of the insurrectionary detachment, and the rebel Nikola Ravashola were killed in the Balyuvata kashta house on 2 April 1903. The Sarmashik affair played an essential role for the uplifting of the revolutionary spirit of the rebels. It also inspired Yani Popov, Chieftain of the Lozengrad district, to write the so-called Strandjan Marseillaise "Yasen mesets vech izgryava" (Clear moon's already rising), which has served to glorify the village and its heroes.