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Asenovgrad fascinates its visitors with the continual fresh coolness of the majestic Rhodopes, which shelter the town as if in their own fatherly arms. Here is the entrance of the most widely used passage through the Rhodopes, which connects Thracia with the Mediterranean area. Asenovgrad is known as "The Little Jerusalem" and also as "The Rhodopian Mount Athos". There are 11 churches and 53 chapels in the town. In its surroundings one can come across 4 monasteries. The biggest and the oldest monastery is the monastery of Bachkovo "The Assumption of the Holy Virgin". The "St. Martyr Nedelya" monastery, near the village of Zlatovrach, is the only one built in the fields during the Ottoman yoke. Another monastery near the Gorno Voden neighbourhood is "St. Martyrs Kirik and Julita". The only convent under the name of "The Reverend Petka of Bulgaria" is above the town. The temple of "St. Holy Virgin - Assumption", also called "Mesihora", is the oldest one here. One of the miraculous icons of Virgin Mary is in that church. There is a miraculous icon in the "St. Holy Mother Annunciation" church as well. According to the belief, Virgin Mary protects the town of Asenovgrad. There are religious festivities (called "lityini fests") which are held twice a year. A similar tradition has been preserved only in Ephes and Tsarigrad. Asenovgrad and the surroundings have 36 churches and 198 chapels. The town has the potential to become a tourist centre, because of the large number of its cultural monuments and its beautiful nature. There are many religious targets here. Here one can see the unique Paleontological Museum and many other historical and Ethnographical objects. The basic types of tourism in Asenovgrad are the following: · Religious tourism · Culture tourism · Science-cognitive tourism
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