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The town of Ardino is located in the west part of the East Rhodopes, 300 km away from Sofia and 90 km away from Haskovo. The river of Egridere picturesquely winds through the town. The region of Ardino disposes of wonderful conditions for developing of tourism. On its territory there is a considerable number of holiday houses suitable for eco and country tourism. Another interesting tourist sight is the natural phenomenon "Hladilnika". It is a Karst cave form in the land of the village of Ljubenovo. Its name comes from the unusually low temperatures even in the hottest summer months. Splendid for development of tourism are the countryside round the river valley of Arda - dam Kardjali. The favorable transitional Mediterranean climate, the rarely combination of pine - tree, silver birch, spruce, beech - tree, oak tree and horn beam, the natural game farms for breeding of deer, roe deer, mouflons, wild boars and the rivers full of fish, make the village of Ardino a little paradise for the nature fans.
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