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Хотел Хаджиев(Hotel Hadjiev) (644)
Registration Date: Nov 26, 2007
First Name: Хотел Хаджиев(Hotel Hadjiev)
Phone: 359 7447 2144, 359 888 580959
City: Добринище(Dobrinishte)
City: Dobrinishte
Address: 14, Desilica Str.
Title: Hotel Hadjiev
Property Type: Family Hotels
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Additional information: Hotel Hadjiev is the best family hotel in Dobrinishte (Bansko region, in Bulgaria). It offers cozy and comforting accommodation to its quests and is equally appropriate for small family vacations and larger groups get-together.
 You will enjoy natural beauty of the Pirin mountain, one of the oldest and highest mountains on the Balkans. Pirin - and Bansko - are the top local choice for skiing, trekking and all other winter sports. Bansko is

overpriced and overbooked. Coming to stay in Dobrinishte you will get affordable rates and will be only 6 km from Bansko.
Dobrinishte is also a place to get in touch with the unique local culture, customs and history; to try the curative effect of the hot mineral springs; taste the local cuisine and red wine; and for the lovers of the winter sports there are dozens of ski treks at Bezbog chalet and in Bansko, very close by.
The hostess at hotel Hadjiev is  Milanka Hadjieva, in business for over 10 years. She will always be happy to meet you and sit you  comfortably in the tavern near the fireplace...and  she will do her best to assure your pleasant stay.
Tasty dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served for you upon request, in front of the fireplace at the tavern on the ground floor.
And the best part: you will get good and free home-made red wine from the house's private wine-cellar, as long as supplies last!

"Hotel Hadjiev" is situated in the village of Dodriniste, only 6 km South of the most popular ski resort in Bulgaria,  Bansko.  The hotel has three floors, plus the ground floor, where the tavern and kitchen are located. On the first floor there is also a 20-person large hospitality room for gets together, conversations, coffee and drinks.

"Hotel Hadjiev" offers accommodations in seven differently arranged room styles.  Four of the rooms have 2 single beds each. Three other rooms are arranged with beds to accommodate three people each. There is also one suite available, for 4 people.
All rooms are spacious, bright and airy!


    * Local heating & hot water
    * Each room has a shower
    * Cable TV is available in all rooms
    * Hospitality room
    * Dining hall - tavern with a fireplace
    * Fully equipped kitchen: oven, refrigerator, coffee machine.
    * BBQ
    * Covered parking
    * Fitness center


    * Maid service
    * Catering upon request - Bulgarian dishes will be served for you in the Tavern
    * Information about tourist attractions, guides and organized sightseeing. There is a lot to see in Dobrinishte, Bansko, Rila Monastery and surrounding arias.

As a special thank you, every guest will have a complimentary glass of red wine with dinner.  The wine is home made and considered to be the best in the region.  This offer is good while supplies last  (We only have one (1) 150 liter wood barrel)...  Please hurry, make your reservations now!
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First Name: Hotel Hadjiev
Phone: 359 7447 2144
Mobile: 359 888 580959
Website URL: