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City: Devin
Address: ul. Goritza 41
Title: Hotel - "Wellness & Spa ISMENA"
Property Type: Hotels
Price: 100.00 BGN
Additional information  
Additional information: In the secluded town of Devin lies the Hotel " Wellness & Spa ISMENA" right in the heart of the beautiful Rhodope mountain. Devin is located just 186 kilometers south of the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia and 80 kilometers south of Plovdiv city. Devin is known as the Rhodope pearl and is situated at an altitude of 710 m above sea level. It is a town combining multiform relief, picturesque nature, mild climate and presence of several different types of mineral springs. It is this combination of nature, air and water, as well as the hospitality of hotel residence Ismena itself, that makes the place attractive and unique for the visitors.

Devin hotel "Wellnes & Spa ISMENA" is an original vacation place for people seeking good health and vitality, close contact with nature and unique experiences. The fresh, agreeable coolness of the climate and the large number of sunny days, have a stimulating therapeutic and prophylactic effect.

The complex offers its guests 6 attractive two floor hourses. The first floor consists of a dinning room, common room with a fire place and a bathroom. The second floor of each house has two seperate bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. In front of each house there is a covered veranda, an open terrace and green spaces. Secured car parking is available.

The new complex also offers the following facilities to its guests:

    * SPA center (in-door swimming pool with mineral water, Rhodopa type and traditional steam bath, jacuzzi, theurapetic pool, massages, etc.);
    * Summer garden restaurant;
    * Lobby bar;
    * Information center;
    * Shops;
Contact information  
First Name: {|bg|}{|en|}Hotel "Wellness & Spa ISMENA"{{|/bg|}
Phone: 359 (0)3041 2757
Mobile: 359 888 406290
Mobile: 359 888 380020
Website URL:

Обектът работи: целогодишно
•  стаи двойни: 24
• апартаменти: 12


  • В стаите:
    • Cabel TV
    • минибар
    • интернет
    • румсервиз
    • самост. сан. възел
    • телефон

    В Апартаментите:
  • две войни спални с отделни санит.възли
  • Хол с мека мебел  и камина
  • Cabel TV - плазмени телевизори
  • безжичен интернет
  • румсервиз
  • минибар
  • телефон

Към цена нощувка е включена :

  1. закуска
  2. ползване на  джакузи ,парна баня , шоков  и минерален басейн
  3. курортни такси и ДДС

Пакетни цени на рецепция:

- Двойна стая  -летен сезон 2008

- една нощувка -130 лв,
- две нощувки – 130лв. на вечер
- три нощувки - 125лв. на вечер
- пет и повече нощувки – 120лв. на вечер

Двойна стая  с хол  - летен сезон 2008

- една нощувка -160 лв. на вечер
- две нощувки – 160лв. на вечер 
- три нощувки - 155лв. на вечер
- пет и повече нощувки – 150лв. на вечер

Апартамент  или цяла къща с две спални и хол:

- 1 нощувка -300 лв. на вечер
- 2 нощувки - 300 лв. на вечер
- 3 нощувки - 290лв.  на вечер
- 5 и повече нощувки - 280 лв.

Хотел "Уелнес и Спа ИСМЕНА"(Hotel "Wellness & Spa ISMENA")
Registration Date: Nov 09, 2007
First Name: Хотел "Уелнес и Спа ИСМЕНА"(Hotel "Wellness & Spa ISMENA")
Phone: 359 (0)3041 2757, 359 888 406290
City: Девин(Devin)
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We were unable to find the requested address (Devin, ul. Goritza 41) via Google street view due to Google street view doesn't have data for this address.
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