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City: Sarnitsa
Title: Rest base “Romantika”
Property Type: Family Hotels
Price: 0.00 BGN
Additional information  
Additional information:

Rest base “Romantika”

Offers you excellent conditions for a good rest amid the fascinating environment of the West Rodopes. Here you will find excellent conditions for fishing, hunting and skiing, everything for a quiet, calm atmosphere and professional service. You will live one true “romantic” adventure.

The complex is situated 2 km away from the town of Sarnitsa in the Orlino place, at the bank of the artificial lake of Dospat.

The rest base “Romantika” offer: a house-hotel consisting of four massive two floors houses, two three floors houses, a two floors house, two one floor houses and seven bungalows, situated amid a pine-tree forest with a view toward the artificial lake.

Consisting of four massive two floors houses. On the first floor – a beautiful hall with chimney-piece, 2 rooms with 2 beds, and an independent sanitary place. On the second floor – bedroom, a room with 2 beds, a sanitary place and a beautiful porch. On each floor there is a TV and a mini bar. 

House – 3 floors
Two houses with 9 rooms, as each room have 2 beds and a separate sanitary place. 

House – 2 floors
One house, each floor has 2 rooms, as the rooms are with 2 beds and a separate sanitary place. 

House – 1 floor
Two houses with 4 rooms on a floor, as each room have 3 beds and a separate sanitary place. 

Seven bungalows as each bungalow have 3 beds and a sanitary place.

The spacious tavern of the complex offers 60 seats indoor in a cozy condition of life. There is not missed the traditional chimney-piece as well as the barbecue outdoor. The guests of the tavern have a wide range of choice of dishes and specialties as from the traditional, as well as from the world kitchen.

In the decoration of the tavern skillfully are woven elements from the conditions of life as a ceiling decorated with hand wood-carving, leathers, trophies, and authentic dresses from Sarnitsa.

The summer garden with a fascinating view toward the artificial lake of Dospat and the mountain which are contributing for the irreplaceable feeling of coziness and quietness.

At the disposition of the guests is a restaurant with a summer garden, a child corner with cradles, protected parking, and barbecue. There is established a quay for the fans of fishing, and a ski place for the skiing fans.

The rest base “Romantika” offers to his guests the following services:
-row with a vessel in the artificial lake of Dospar;
-bicycles for rent;
-walk tour /1.30 hours/ - ecopath Unden Dikchan;
-walk with a microbus /up to 9 peoples/ to the places of: The cave of Yagodina, The Buynovo gorge, The Devil’s throat, The Trigrad gorge, Kovachevitsa, Jabata, Pobit kamuk and other routes according to the requests of our guests.

Contact information  
First Name: Rest base “Romantika”
Mobile: 359 887 331876
Mobile: 359 899 981280
Website URL:

House-hotel New house - 3 floors   New house - 2 floors   New house - 1 floor   Bungalow  
1st floor - studio - 80 lv.
/a room with 2 beds, a room with 3 beds and a hall/

2nd floor – a bedroom - 35 lv.

2nd floor – a room with 2 beds -30 lv.
2 flats 60 lv. each
single room - 25 lv.
2 studios 60 lv. each
2 studios 50 lv. each
A room with 3 beds - 40 lv. A bungalow with 3 beds - 30 lv.
The payment for reservation can be made with a bank transfer and with postal order:
-bank transfer
Trade bank "Hebros" Plc – office town of Velingrad
bank account BG59ACBP75271002664016 BIC code ACBP BG2P
EТ "Finansi-М" – Halil Mehmed
-postal order
town of Sarnitsa, postal code 4633
Asibe Nedjmi Tineva – upon request
Почивна база "Романтика"(Rest base “Romantika”)
Registration Date: Nov 05, 2007
First Name: Почивна база "Романтика"(Rest base “Romantika”)
Phone: 359 899 981280
City: Сърница(Sarnitsa)
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